Attention California Customers! The RAD2 and RAD4 are now listed as CA DOJ approved firearms safety devices!

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RAD4 Four foot weapons system cabinet.
Exterior Dimensions: 48.5" X 11.5" X 5.5".  Weight: 40lbs.  Construction: 18ga. cold roll steel.  Finish: Powder Coated Paint.  Standard Accessories : Rifle/Shotgun Holder, Flashlight/Magazine Holder, and Universal Magnetic Clip.
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Electronic Lock
Magnetic Clip Holder
Pistol Holder
Rifle Holder Hook Set
Spring Clip
Storage Shelf
     Standard features 
     (many Patent pending):
  • NEW! Electronic lock now available!
  • The electronic lock (LOCK102) incorporates key features that users appreciate with this product line: it is easy to operate and has a built-in intelligence to prevent battery failure.
  • Features a dual rail-mounted accessory system
  • Safely stores weapons and other personal & home security items
  • RAD4 typically accommodates a shotgun or rifle, pistols, and other tactical items, such as pepper spray, flashlights, knives, etc. 
  • Comes standard with a set of Rifle Hooks, versatile Magnetic Clip and a Flashlight/Pepper Spray Holder
  • Accommodates other small household vRAD4aluables
  • Mounts horizontally or vertically in any conceivable place with a flat surface
  • Door swifty springs open & allows for quick access to all belongings inside
  • The lockable handle swings open when pressure is applied
  • The RAD4 is equipped with two gas springs, freeing both hands to access weapons immediately
  • Mounting slots located every four inches inside the case for common 12” or 16” center drywall/stud installation
  • Our unique rail system allows you to customize the interior of your cabinet to meet your specific needs
  • Accessories snap onto the rails
  • The rail mounted accessory design enables a quick and proper grip on your firearms and tactical weaponsRAD4

About RAD

Within a matter of moments, an intruder can enter your home. In case of an emergency, Caron Forensics’ RAD systems ensure everything you need to protect your family is in one location, accessible to you in a matter of seconds.

RAD systems mount horizontally over or vertically alongside concealed and convenient locations such as a closet opening.  Our patent-pending design ensures access into the system in a matter of seconds. The gas spring doors swiftly opens to give you immediate access to your firearms and other personal protection items, such as knives, pepper spray and flashlights.

Not only will you gain peace of mind knowing your home is protected from home invaders, but RAD systems ensure your weapons are stored safely, discretely, and out of the reach of children. This weapons storage system includes a key-lock latch, to make certain unauthorized persons cannot open the case.  You choose how and when to lock the cabinet.  Perhaps you prefer to leave your key on your standard key ring and leave your keys in the RAD system lock overnight.  You may desire to keep the cabinet unlocked while you are home, knowing that you have mounted it in a stealth location, a safe room, or your family’s emergency meeting place.   

No gun storage systems are impenetrable, but unlike common gun boxes, the RAD locks are designed to tighten up when pried on. RAD keeps your guns stored safely and securely, hidden away from children and other unauthorized persons.

A wide range of optional accessories allow you to customize your RAD system to your particular need. Cabinets come in 2 and 4 ft. sizes and can store multiple handguns and most size shotguns and rifles, even most scoped rifles.  Best of all, the twin rail system allows you to position the weapons you want in emergencies exactly how you want them presented. In a RAD4 for example, you could choose to store a single rifle, maybe a shotgun and a pistol, or perhaps you want a row of your favorite 1911’s, extra magazines, and a good flashlight.  The bottom edge of the RAD is designed to hold vital accessories, such as pistol and AR15 magazines, shotgun shells, and handcuffs.  You may also choose rail mounted shelves, large enough to store other small household valuables, such as jewelry and small electronics.

Our system is ideal for the home or other businesses, law enforcement and government agencies concerned with security. RAD4
All optional accessories shown in picture