Caron Technical Service
Caron Products & Services, Inc. has provided high levels of personal service and top quality products for over two decades. Our commitment to our customers' satisfaction includes a full range of validation, calibration, preventative and extended maintenance and installation services. To download literature on Service & Quality, click here.
Research, development and manufacturing are highly regulated disciplines. Researchers and manufacturers alike must provide adequate assurance that critical processes and equipment meet specific standards in the field and function properly within a given application.
At Caron, we provide services to validate equipment for our customers so they have proper documentation citing that their equipment will function properly according to IQ, OQ and PQ protocols. Our on-site validation services satisfy FDA guidelines for qualification verification of equipment.
At Caron, we want to ensure a long-life for your equipment and make certain our products perform as expected over time. Our calibration services confirm the specific measurement techniques for the equipment, according to our customer requirements. We offer full on-site and factory calibration.
Preventative and Extended Maintenance
Our professional technical services include preventative and extended maintenance of our products. When customers choose to maintain equipment, the chances are greatly reduced for the equipment to malfunction or for the equipment to fail during critical procedures.
Customers choose Caron's preventative maintenance to guarantee that equipment is working properly, ultimately extending the life of your unit or units.
Our extended maintenance coverage is equivalent to a new product warranty. It is an annual coverage to protect you against unexpected failure of machinery.
Caron provides full on-site installation services for all models. Our installation services guarantees the proper set-up and startup of all equipment.
Benefits of CARON's Technical Service
We work with Caron equipment on a daily basis, so our technical support staff provides the most accurate documentation and/or results available for Caron equipment validation protocols, calibration, maintenance and installation.
Because customer service is at the center of our company, we guarantee customer satisfaction with all of our technical services. Our intimate knowledge of Caron units allows us to provide top-of-the-line technical service and the flexibility our customers need.
Caron's technical services are performed by professionals in the field of validation, calibration, maintenance and installation protocols.
Our small-town approach to customer and technical service allows us to continue product support throughout the lifetime of your unit. Because we manufacture our equipment and are familiar with our customers' applications, we will keep customers knowledgeable on additional equipment modifications which may improve the performance of the product.
Please contact the Service Department at 800-648-3042 to obtain a list of recommended service representatives.
Return/Repair Inquires

Before returning any product, please contact the Service Department to obtain a "Return Authorization (RA) Number" at 800-648-3042. Please have the following information available when calling: model number, serial number, contact name and phone number, and a description of the problem with the unit. The RA number should then appear on the packing slip of the returned package to avoid processing delays.
Material Safety Data Sheets
Algicide used with CRS-101

Water Specifications
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