Photostability Chamber

6540 Benchtop 10.5 cu. ft. Photostability Chamber
  Controls Temperature, and Fluorescent(Near UV and Cool White)lights; Forced Degradation Studies; Designed to meet ICH Guidelines Q1B  

6545 Benchtop 10.5 cu. ft. Photostability Chamber
  Controls Temperature, Relative Humidity and Fluorescent(Near UV and Cool White)lights; Forced Degradation Studies; Designed to meet ICH Guidelines Q1B  

Photostability Chambers
Models 6540-1, 6545-1, 6540-2, 6545-2, 6540-3 & 6545-3

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The 6540 Series Photostability chambers were specifically designed to perform near UV and visual light testing with fluorescent lamps per ICH Q1B Guidelines, Option 2.  This second generation benchtop unit controls light and temperature conditions through an easy-to-use color touch-screen interface.  Lights automatically shut off after a specified exposure level or time duration.  Uniform light distribution and high intensity levels allow quick response for forced degradation testing and confirmatory studies.  Precise humidity control (Models 6545-1, 6545-2 & 6545-3) is achieved through ultrasonic injection and mechanical refrigeration methods.

As with all CARON manufactured products, chambers sold in North America are fully covered by our 12-month standard warranty agreement.  Installation and validation services are also available.  Please contact your local international distributor for warranty and validation services in other areas.

Standard Features

  • Independent control of near UV and cool white VIS lamps are provided to eliminate overexposure for confirmatory tests and provide flexibility for forced degradation studies.
  • In "Automatic" mode, lights turn off at the end of a programmed exposure or timed test.
  • "Manual" mode allows a flexible test time duration and makes validating the chambers easy.
  • Dimmable lamps (230V models) allow testing at specific light intensity levels.
  • Programmable alarms notify the user when aging lamps should be replaced.
  • Specular aluminum reflective surfaces provide uniform UVA & VIS light reflection and maintain proper SPD (spectral power distribution).
  • Stainless steel interior construction provides a smooth, non-porous surface for easy maintenance.
  • Two light detectors (one VIS and one UVA) with an integral radiometer are standard and provide precise and accurate light intensity measurements.  Light detectors are both cosine corrected and calibrated to NIST traceable standards.
  • Precise temperature control is provided through use of a PID controller.
  • Humidity controlled units (Models 6545-1, 6545-2 & 6545-3) isolate the effects of hydration during photostability testing.
  • Shelves slide out for quick and easy loading and unloading of samples.
  • Strategic lamp spacing provides enhanced light uniformity.  Overhead lighting results in a large illumination area for maximized direct lighting.
  • Door safety switch turns lights off when the door is opened.  The lockable door prevents additional disturbance of in-process tests.
  •  Two access ports (one per shelf) are standard.

Main Screen Display

  •  Performance is managed through an eye level, icon-based, color, touch-screen interface for user convenience.
  • The easy-to-use controls are written in multiple languages (English, Spanish, German and French).
  • Temperature, humidity, and light meters can be quickly programmed.  Test results are easy to interpret.
  • Pull-out, removable light banks allow for quick bulb replacement without the use of tools.
  • Modular refrigeration system and front access, slide-out electrical chassis are easy to service.

Units contain off-the-shelf components that are readily available.

Product Specifications








Lamp Type, UVA

Fluorescent, near UV (black lamp)

Lamp Type, VIS

Fluorescent, cool white (ISO 10977 compliant)

Light Detectors

UVA and Visual, calibrated

UVA Light Intensity, Typical

20 W/m2

2-25 W/m2

VIS Light Intensity, Typical

20 klux

2-35 klux

Lamps Dimming



Typical Time Required to Reach ICH
Recommendation of 200 W-hr/m2

10 hrs.

8 hrs.

Typical Time Required to Reach ICH
Recommendation of 1.2 million lux-hr

60 hrs.

35 hrs.

Light Uniformity

UVA:  10%
VIS:  15%

UVA:  10%
VIS:  10%

Temperature Range

10C to 35C (lights on)

Temperature Control

0.2C (lights on)

Temperature Uniformity

2.5C (lights on)

Humidity Range


40-70% RH


40-70% RH


40-70% RH

Humidity Control







# of Shelves, Size

Two (2) sliding, 26.0" W x 23.1" D x 8.0" H
(660mm W x 587mm D x 203mm H) each

Usable Shelf Area, Each

19.0" x 23.0" (483mm x 584mm)

Usable Shelf Area, Total

6.1 sq. ft. (0.56 m2) per shelf; 76% of total shelf

Maximum Weight per Shelf

22 lbs. (10 kg)

Interior Surfaces

Reflective Specular Aluminum

Interior Construction

Stainless Steel

Internal Volume

10.5 sq. ft. (296L), includes lamp space

External Dimensions
37.6" W x 30.2" D x 46.0" H, with leveling ft.
(955mm W x 767mm D x 1168mm H)
Interior Dimensions

26.9" W x 24.0" D x 28.0" H
(683mm W x 610mm D x 711mm H)

# of Access Ports

Two (2), 1.75" W x 2.0" H each
(44mm W x 51mm H)

Shipping Weight

700 lbs. (900 lbs. with export crate)

Electrical Service

115V, 60 Hz, 15A

208/230V, 60 Hz, 15A

230V, 50 Hz, 10A

Specifications are subject to change without notice.  Specifications were established with lights fully on at 20C, with 20C and 50% RH ambient conditions.  RH levels limited by a 6C minimum dewpoint.  50 Hz units are CE Marked and contain readily available components.
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