In Vitro Cells

Repeatable in-vitro mammalian cell culture requires pure and  high quality culture media, clean and healthy cell lines, a precise and well maintained CO2 incubator, and good general aseptic culture technique.  Major culture categories include:

  • General small volume research
  • Small volume research on structural cells requiring hypoxic growth conditions
  • Medium-volume research on adherent cells
  • High volume research and scale-up on adherent cells
  • High volume research and scale-up on suspended cells

Only general government and best-practice guidelines have been applied to this type of research.  The one exception is human In Vitro fertilization, which is regulated by government bodies such as the US FDA.  Generally, incubators marketed for this purpose within the United States must be registered with the FDA as a Class II device.

To assure consistent and meaningful results, incubators used for these types of research need to feature tight parameter control, uniformity and stability over long periods of time.   Depending on type of cell being cultured, parameters may include elevated CO2, suppressed O2, elevated temperature, and elevated humidity.  Common issues to avoid include chamber contamination and loss of temperature control.  The former is typically caused by contaminated cell lines or media, poor transfer technique, or insufficient incubator cleaning/decontamination/sterilization.  The latter is a particular issue in non-refrigerated chambers being used with heat-generating cell agitation equipment (rollers, rockers, shakers, stirrers, etc) .

Other types of cell culture, including bacteriological and non-mammalian in-vitro, are often performed in similar chambers.  CO2 is usually not required, but refrigeration may be for lower temperature ectothermic organisms.  Humidification is usually not required for bacteria, given their short culture cycles.

(Marietta, OH, June 8, 2017)  Melissa Bailey has been appointed MidSouth Regional Sales Manager for Caron Products & Services, Inc. In her new role, Melissa will be responsible for managing all Caron sales activity in the new territory which includes TX, OK, AR, LA, MS, AL, and TN. “We are delighted to have Melissa join Caron,” said Steve Keiser, Chairman of CARON, "She brings a very successful background selling primarily liquid handling products to laboratory customers, along with significant experience working in research laboratories earlier in her career.”

Melissa received her B.S. in Biological Sciences from Southeastern Louisiana University. She was most recently employed as an Account Manager at Integra Biosciences, and prior to that was a Sales Representative for the Rainin Instruments business unit of Mettler Toledo. Melissa has travelled extensively within her new territory in prior roles, and is looking forward to introducing many of her past customers to Caron laboratory equipment.

Melissa’s research experience included work at the University of Texas, Department of Surgery Metabolism Research Lab, at Galveston, TX, and at the University of Arkansas Medical Science, Department of Geriatrics, Center for Translational Research in Little Rock, AR. Her hands-on and management experience in the laboratory will be a great benefit to Caron’s customers.

Melissa will continue to reside in the Houston, Texas area.