2016-11-08 Retired General Manager Fondly Remembered
  Terry L. St. Peter, 69, of Parkersburg, WV, passed away October 31, 2016.  

2016-07-20 Caron is Hiring!
  New Mechanical Engineering position within growing life science manufacturer  

2015-08-10 Caron's Plant Chamber Line Continues to Grow
  Caron releases new family of plant growth chambers  

2015-04-06 Caron Appoints Alan Campbell as Vice President of Marketing
  Alan Campbell has joined Caron Products as Vice President of Marketing. In his new role, Alan will be responsible for all Caron marketing and product management activity throughout the world.  

2015-02-03 Caron's 7000 Series platform offers all-new upgrades for products
  Caron is pleased to release more products within its new 7000 Series, which feature an impressive new visual design and exceptional performance.  

2014-10-31 GelJacket CO2 Incubators deliver new, industry leading features
  Caron GelJacket™ CO2 Incubators deliver significantly new, industry-leading benefits for benchtop CO2 incubators. The new features include touchscreen controls with built-in messaging and extended temperature range options.  

2014-10-02 Reach-in CO2 Incubators offer new technologies, configurations for a wide range of cell culture applications
  Caron announced today the introduction of its fourth generation of Reach-in CO2 Incubators.  

2014-03-19 Caron introduces new extra large capacity Plant Growth Chambers
  Caron is pleased to announce the new generation of its best-in-class Plant Growth Chambers. These new products are available in two-door (50 cu. ft.) and three-door (75 cu. ft.) capacities.  

2014-03-03 Caron Products & Services, Inc. recognized with Diversity/Small Business Supplier of the Year Award by VWR International
  Caron Products & Services, Inc. announces that it was awarded the “Diversity/Small Business Supplier of the Year Award” for 2013 from VWR International, LLC, a global solutions provider of laboratory supplies, equipment and services, headquartered in Radnor, Pa.  

2014-01-06 Introducing Caron's new extra-large capacity chambers and incubators
  Caron is pleased to announce the latest generation of its category defining environmentally controlled stability chambers.  

2013-03-13 Caron introduces Gelf™ Cell Culture Shelving and Incubation Products
  Caron Products & Services, Inc. is proud to announce new Gelf™ cell culture shelving and incubation products.  

2013-02-19 New white paper, “Getting a Handle on Green Purchases for Your Lab,” based on presentation given at the NIH Internationa
  Caron Products introduces a new white paper entitled, “Getting a Handle on Green Purchases for your Lab: How to Select an Environmentally Preferable Chamber and Incubator.”  

2012-03-30 Caron’s major expansion due for completion in early second quarter
  Caron Products & Services, Inc. broke ground in September for a major addition to its current manufacturing and operations facility in Marietta, Ohio. The new addition will be fully functional and operational in early second quarter 2012.  

2012-02-06 Caron announces internal promotions to expand the Service and Engineering Departments
  Caron Products & Services, Inc. is pleased to announce promotions made in the Service and Engineering departments, increasing leadership roles and supporting continual company growth.  

2011-11-02 Caron appoints Suzanne Eckberg as Midwest Regional Sales Manager
  Suzanne Eckberg has been appointed Midwest Regional Sales Manager for Caron Products & Services, Inc.  

2011-10-17 Caron Products introduces Plant Growth Chamber series
  Caron Products announces the introduction of Plant Growth Chambers as the newest addition to its rapidly growing product portfolio.  

2011-09-08 Caron announces major expansion to Marietta, Ohio facility
  Caron Products & Services, Inc. broke ground today Thursday, September 8 for a major addition to its current manufacturing and operations facility in Marietta, Ohio.  

2011-09-07 CO2/O2 Incubator for hypoxic research is the newest addition to Caron’s Oasis product line
  Caron is pleased to announce the addition of a new Benchtop CO2/O2 Incubator (Model 6404) to its already acclaimed Oasis line.  

2011-03-30 Freeze/Thaw Chambers now offered by Caron
  Caron continues to increase its wide range of product offerings by introducing a large capacity Freeze/Thaw series of chambers.  

2011-02-15 Caron offers a standard two year warranty for its entire line of CO2 incubators
  Caron Products & Services, Inc. is pleased to announce a two year standard warranty on its entire line of CO2 incubators effective immediately.  

2011-01-24 Caron announces the introduction of a new 33 cu. ft. platform, an all new series of products
  Caron is proud to announce the launch of its new large capacity 33 cu. ft. (934 liters) series of chambers.  

2011-01-05 Caron introduces two new 10 cu. ft. “GelJacket” Benchtop CO2 Incubators, with unique active insulation technology
  Caron Products announces the introduction of two new products under the “GelJacket” name, incorporating its patent-pending active insulation technology.  

2010-10-22 Caron expands insect growth products
  Caron continues to expand the range of products by now offering a Benchtop Insect Growth Chamber, Model 6015.  

2010-10-06 Fingerprint development guide created for forensic customers
  A new fingerprint development guide is now available to download online.  

2010-09-22 New equipment validations warranted
  New chamber validations performed by Caron validation engineers include a one year warranty, consistent with the chamber.  

2010-08-20 Caron introduces new forensics website
  Caron is pleased to introduce a new website geared for our forensic customers, www.caronforensics.com.  

2010-05-05 Caron to introduce new Oasis Benchtop CO2 Incubator at ASM
  Caron Products is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Oasis (Model 6400) benchtop CO2 incubator as the latest addition to its rapidly growing line of scientific products.  

2010-05-04 Caron Technical Service welcomes Corey Adams to its team
  The Service & Quality Department welcomes Corey Adams, Equipment Technical Specialist, to its team.  

2010-03-16 Caron gives the Model 2050 a new look
  Caron is proud to announce the Model 2050 Bath/Circulator received a cosmetic makeover to correlate with the entire family of Caron products.  

2010-02-10 Caron's Photostability Chambers provide exeptional technology for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical testing
  Caron's Photostability chambers are designed to perform light testing on drug substances and drug products as required by the FDA.  

2009-12-31 Caron now accepts all major credit cards
  Caron Products is now accepting all major credit cards, including: American Express, Master Card and Visa.  

2009-11-04 Caron offers $1,000 factory rebate
  PROMOTION: Caron is doing its part to contribute to the economic recovery by offering a program called "Cash for LAB Clunkers."  

2009-09-22 Caron launches new product brochure
  Caron Products & Services, Inc. introduces its first full-line product guide in the form of a brochure.  

2009-08-13 Service and Quality literature is now available
  Caron's new Service and Quality literature is now available.  

2009-07-14 Save up to 50 percent on technical services with the End of Summer Service Savings
  CARON is offering an End of Summer Service Savings. The sale beings now and runs until the end of September.  

2009-07-01 Applications section on CARON's website aids customers in product selection
  Providing customers with high levels of service remains a top priority at CARON.  

2009-06-24 Brighter light fixture is the newest addition to CARON's earth-friendly innovations
  A new versatile and ideal lighting solution is the most recent addition to CARON's earth-friendly features.  

2009-06-08 Insect Growth Chamber offers many additional technical and earth-friendly advances
  CARON introduces a newly designed 25 cu. ft. Insect Growth Chamber (Model 6025).  

2009-05-12 CARON expands 25 cu. ft. product line with the new Heated Incubator/Environmental Chamber
  The new 25 cu. ft. product line continues to grow at CARON with the addition of the Heated Incubator/Environmental Chamber (Model 6023).  

2009-04-23 CARON introduces new Refrigerated and Diurnal Incubators
  CARON introduces a NEW line of 10 cu. ft. and 25 cu. ft. Refrigerated and Diurnal Incubators.  

2009-04-20 CARON offers multiple technical service options for customers
  Technical service information is now available online, including information on validation, calibration, preventative and extended maintenance and installation.  

2009-03-12 CARON offers new line of “earth-friendly” products
  Caron Products and Services, Inc. has introduced its newest “family” of products in an effort to promote environmental stewardship.  

2008-11-07 CARON Introduces New Large Capacity Environmental Chamber
  CARON’s all NEW 6020 Environmental Chamber delivers more than accuracy, dependability and high performance. It's loaded with earth-friendly technical innovations which provide precise temperature and humidity controlled environmental conditions for numerous applications.  

2008-10-03 CARON Hires Director of Service & Quality
  CARON Products announced that Jim Lang has joined the company as Director of Service & Quality, effective immediately.  

2008-09-08 CARON Director of Engineering Promoted
  CARON Products announced today that Dave Figel has been promoted to Vice President of Engineering/Operations.  

2008-05-23 CARON Introduces NEW Large Capacity IR-CO2 Incubator
  CARON's Model 6024 is the industry's first and only Large Capacity Reach-In IR-CO2 Incubator with an Automatic Moist Heat Decontamination Cycle. Stop by Booth #1225 at the ASM General Meeting in Boston, June 2-4, 2008.  

2008-01-30 CARON Founder Fondly Remembered
  Jon F. Bergen, 67, of Marietta, Ohio, died at 10:25 am on Sunday, December 30, 2007  

2007-11-12 CARON Offers Stainless Steel Shaker Support System
  Supports up to three 150 lb. shakers  

2007-10-09 CARON Adds Midwestern Regional Sales Manager
  Terry St. Peter has accepted the position of Midwestern Regional Sales Manager.  

2007-07-12 CARON Introduces New Photostability Chambers Brochure
  Brochure describes and illustrates the 6540 Series Photostability Chambers.  

2007-01-24 NEW Gas Guard
  CARON Introduces the Model GASG201 Stand Alone Gas Guard/Tank Switcher System  

2007-01-08 Newly Designed Version of Condensate Recirculator Now Available
  CARON's 2nd Generation Universal Condensate Recirculating System acts as a water delivery system for use with any CARON humidity controlled chamber  

2006-12-13 CARON General Manager Visits Brazil
  CARON General Manager Visits Brazil  

2006-12-05 CARON Introduces an Insect Growth Chamber
  Model 6035 Insect Growth Chamber being introduced at Entomological Society of America exhibit, Booth #501  

2006-11-07 CARON Hires Southeastern Regional Sales Manager
  Paul Sereni joins CARON sales team  

2006-10-27 CARON Introduces a Heated Incubator/Environmental Chamber
  Ideal high volume solution for applications requiring precision temperature control  

2006-08-25 CARON Introduces a Reach-in CO2 Incubator
  CARON's new reach-in CO2 Incubator designed for small to large scale, high volume cell culture.  

  On-site IQ/OQ/PQ Validation Services Now Offered Directly Through CARON  

2006-06-12 Finding Peaceable Photostability Article
  As seen in the April/May issue of PFQ magazine  

2006-05-17 CARON Introduces Fingerprint Development Chambers Literature
  NEW Four-Color Literature  

2006-03-07 CARON Introduces New 6540 Series Photostability Chambers Literature
  New 4-page, full color literature available  

2006-02-17 CARON Introduces Fingerprint Development Chamber
  Fingerprint Development Chamber to be launched at AAFS Meeting in Seattle, WA  

2005-12-08 CARON's New 6540 Series Chambers Overcome Challenges of Photostability Testing
  CARON\'s New 6540 Series Chambers Overcome Challenges of Photostability Testing  

2005-11-10 CARON Signs Distributor Agreement with ProSense in The Netherlands
  CARON has named ProSense as their distributor for stability (climatic) and photostability chambers in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany and Switzerland.  

2005-10-19 CARON Announces Management Additions
  Steve Keiser and Dave Figel join CARON\'s management team  

2005-10-07 CARON Increases Its Presence in the International Market
  CARON Increases Its Presence in the International Market  

2005-09-13 CARON Names India Distributor
  CARON Products & Services, Inc. has named Astra Chemical Technologies as their distributor for stability (climatic) and photostability chambers in India.  

2005-06-30 Stability (Climatic) Chambers Configured for European Market
  CARON has introduced stability (climatic) chambers developed with European sourced 50Hz components  

2005-02-15 New Photostability Chamber with CE Mark
  New Photostability Chamber designed exclusively for use in European markets  

2004-12-22 Pharmaceutical Technology Article On Photosensitive Pharmaceuticals Cites Caron's Bob Dotterer
  Bob Dotterer, Applications Engineer for Caron Products and an expert in photostability chambers, is featured in the December 2004 issue of Pharmaceutical Technology, one of the industry\'s leading trade publications.