Preventative Maintenance Kit Instructions

Detailed Instructions for Replacing Preventative Maintenance Items 

Caron offers Preventative Maintenance Kits for all current manufactured equipment and their accessories. By ordering one part number you receive all components required to perform Preventatve Maintenance on your equipment for one year under normal operating condtions.

Test Chambers


Plant Growth Chambers






Baths/Circualtor Accessories


(Marietta, OH, February 13, 2017) Caron has released a white paper detailing a novel and patent-pending dry hydrogen peroxide sterilization process for CO2 incubator chambers. Within Caron’s newly released Wally™ CO2 incubator, this cycle provides validatable 12-log contamination elimination in two hours, while avoiding the manual pre and post cycle processing required by existing “wet” H2O2 processes.

All relevant information is provided, including materials and methods, biological indicator placement locations, cycle overview, validation test procedure, and BI processing results.

“Wally is a technical and applications tour de force on many levels”, commented Steve Keiser, Caron Chairman. “It’s the first truly new CO2 incubator in over 50 years; offering breakthrough user benefits you just can’t get anywhere else.”