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Caron Products introduces Plant Growth Chamber series
Plant Growth Chambers(Marietta, OH, October 17, 2011) Caron Products announces the introduction of Plant Growth Chambers as the newest addition to its rapidly growing product portfolio. The new application-based series includes: Plant Growth Chambers, Arabidopsis/Algae Chambers, Plant Tissue Culture Chambers and Seed Germination Chambers, available in 25 cu. ft. (708 liters) and 33 cu. ft. (934 liters) volumes.

“Caron’s reputation for top quality products, industry innovation, unrivaled service and fast product delivery time leads to many special customer inquiries,” said Joyce Abicht, Customer Service Manager. “We respond to our customers’ needs, and we’re pleased to now offer Plant Growth Chambers to serve even more of our valued customers in research and academia.”
Caron’s new plant growth series represents a complete product offering for a wide variety of plant life research work – from seedlings to fully developed plants and crops. Although many methods exist for these studies, each new Caron plant growth chamber targets a specific application with the proper temperature range, amount of lighting and space for growth.
Plant Growth Chamber
Plant Growth Chambers (Model 6320 and 6340), Arabidopsis/Algae Chambers (Model 6321 and 6341) and Plant Tissue Culture Chambers (Model 6322 and 6342) come standard with Caron’s earth-friendly gLux™ high efficiency fluorescent lamps. Lamp banks are interchangeable, modular, expandable and waterproof. They are precisely spaced for uniformed, balanced light across all shelf locations.
Seed Germination Chambers (Model 6323 and 6343) utilize low profile, side mounted LED lights to effectively cultivate plantlets and seedlings. All lights have a digital day/night cycle timer with separate day/night temperature setpoints.
 Although the plant growth series is a new product offering, Caron is accustomed to the plant biology market. Bob Dotterer, Applications Engineer, has customized many standard Caron units for plant growth studies.

“For years we have worked closely with plant researchers delivering equipment tailored to optimally grow their plants,” Dotterer said. “We’ve effectively utilized feedback and requests from plant biologists to engineer application specific products that go beyond typical equipment offered by others. Our product incorporates unmatched environmental stability, energy efficiency, customer convenience and lighting enhancement options.”

Caron has provided high quality temperature controlled laboratory equipment to a variety of markets since 1985. Caron’s product line includes: Environmental Chambers; Refrigerated, Diurnal, Heated and Humidified Incubators; Insect Growth Chambers; Freeze/Thaw Chambers; Photostability Chambers and more.
“It is a natural extension of our product line to add the Plant Growth Chamber series,” Abicht said. “Caron engineers are experts and innovators with years of experience designing equipment for light-based applications.”

Additionally, Caron is rolling out specialized chlorophyll-matching lamp alternatives that will maximize plant growth. Chlorophyll most strongly absorbs light in the blue and red regions. Precisely matching this perfect light wavelength allows plants to grow at the fastest, healthiest rate. The blue (LGHT308) and red (LGHT309) lights are sold as optional light packages and consist of four lamps each.

“During R&D, we discovered a void in competitive offerings,” Dotterer said. “Scientific research has proven the benefits of red and blue chlorophyll-matching light, however no option that closely matches the red and blue wavelengths are available to plant biologists utilizing a plant growth chamber. Our enhancement lamps nearly perfectly match this light spectrum yielding vibrant and flourishing plants.”

Caron’s blue lamps produce high quantities of light in the 420 nm range and red lamps produce high quantities of light in the 660 nm range.

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