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Caron is your source for options; a vast array of chamber operating parameters and sizes, covering a wide range of applications. Above and sub-ambient temperature and humidity control, CO2 and O2 gas control, and dimmable light are available on a range of chambers from 5 up to 75 cubic feet (140 to 2100 liters) capacity. Caron also offers advanced features, such as cycling operating parameters, multi-step programmed operation, and rapid sterilization, to meet your specialized needs.

(Marietta, OH, September 13, 2017) Caron is pleased to introduce the new 7540 Series Photostability chambers, now the fastest way to attain critical ICH Q1B (option 2) exposure levels.  Full ICH visible and UVA exposures are achievable in as little as 42 hours, less than half the time of many competing chambers.  Caron’s ground-up dedicated Q1B chamber also achieves high uniformity, providing over 75% usable shelf space.  Test more samples in less time, accelerating drug development and reducing testing costs.  


Separate fluorescent-powered UVA and visible light banks provide maximum intensity, while minimizing potential parameter overshoot and thermal stress. Caron even offers an integral 5°C cycle, for testing of refrigerated drugs, vaccines, and biologicals.


These new chambers are easy to use, simple to validate, and straightforward to service.  Equipped with an intuitive yet powerful color touchscreen display, the 7540 Series provides “manual-free” operation, programming, and adjustment.  Slide-out component modules make replacing bulbs and other parts simple, and keep the units’ benchtop footprint small.