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Caron Introduces new Animal-Rearing Chambers


(Marietta, OH, March 29, 2018) Caron is pleased to announce two new small animal rearing chambers.  Now with standard LED lighting and available H2O2 chamber sterilization, these units combine easy-use diurnal cycle controls, high-volume fresh-air exchange, and a unique clean chamber design.   Caron’s signature features include a state-of-the art color touchscreen with intuitive breadcrumb navigation, uniform directed airflow for high temperature uniformity even when full, and 3-minute tool-less interior removal for fast and easy cleaning. 

An industry first, Caron’s new narrow spectrum LED lighting option, emitting only short-wavelength light, has been shown to improve zebrafish hatch rates and limit mutation.

Caron also addresses contamination with a unique validatable dry H2O2 sterilization cycle,  eliminating parasites, viruses, mold, and bacteria in the chamber within an unrivaled two-hour period.  Post-cycle cleanup and reconfiguration is virtually nonexistent, since the cycle runs with all interior components in place, and requires no wipedown after completion.

“Researchers need a clean and consistent environment for their rodents and other small animal studies”, commented Steve Keiser, Caron President & CEO. “With these new units, we offer better support for applications, with far more convenient and easier to maintain chambers.”

To learn more about the 7350 Series chambers, visit or contact customer service at 800-648-3042 or email