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Caron now offers small-incubator precision in a full-sized chamber


(Marietta, OH, January 15, 2018) Caron is pleased to release a major upgrade to its benchmark 7400 series Reach-In CO2 incubators.  Now with available H2O2 chamber sterilization, and an easy one-handed door latch mechanism, these units combine reach-in capacity with small stackable parameter precision and contamination prevention.   Like the best small CO2’s, Caron’s reach-ins offer uniform directed airflow, for high temperature uniformity even when full, 3-minute tool-less interior removal for fast and easy cleaning, and a state-of-the art color touchscreen with intuitive breadcrumb navigation. 

Caron’s validatable dry H2O2 sterilization cycle also provides total six-log total microorganism elimination inside the work space within an unrivaled two-hour total time period.  Post-cycle cleanup and configuration is virtually nonexistent, since the cycle runs with all interior components in place, and requires no wipedown after completion.

“We help you keep everything you like about stackable CO2 incubators as you move up to a reach-in chamber”, commented Steve Keiser, Caron Chairman. “For the first time, there’s no need to compromise on functionality just because your process requires more room.”

To learn more about the 7400 Series, visit or contact customer service by phone, at 800-648-3042, or by email.