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Decon Finds Its Cool


MARIETTA, Ohio - June 22, 2021 - Volume decontamination or sterilization of temperature sensitive samples can be a challenge.  Existing solutions accommodate only limited volumes, create thermal stress on the sample, or require toxic chemicals that are dangerous to use.  Caron has leveraged its patented hydrogen peroxide technology to provide a cool solution, in a continuous use high volume processing system.

With Caron’s automated gFog™ H2O2 cycle, repeatably process up to 300ft3 (8.5m2) of product in 24 hours.  Wide shelves in a large 25ft3 chamber accommodate even oversized objects.  Validated product sterilization is also possible, via a provided white paper protocol.  The system is easy to install, and ideal for future surge reprocessing, with roll-in dimensions, plugging into standard electrical outlets.

“This is an exciting application of Caron’s technical innovation”, commented Jay Hexamer, Caron President & CEO. “COVID has illustrated the need to reliably process large material volumes without using traditional autoclave or oven technologies, and gFog gets that done”.

To learn more about Caron’s unique hydrogen peroxide decontamination system, visit, contact customer service at 800-648-3042 or email